Reducing anxiety and stress: how and why

Defined as the disease of the century, stress is really able to worsen the general state of health, as well as the emotional condition of each patient. According to some researches, in our country about 85 of the population suffers from it: a huge figure, which suggests how great is the scope of this disorder. But how do you deal with anxiety and stress? Are there useful remedies that can alleviate the main symptoms? If you want to make your own some useful ideas, read this in-depth study: read more. We're sure you'll benefit!

Stress: the disease of the 21st centuryDrowsiness

, nausea, headaches, panic attacks, depression: these are just some of the symptoms through which our organism manifests the emotional discomfort to which we are subjected on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, several factors contribute to raising stress levels, including queues in various offices, the Wi-Fi at home that suddenly stops working, the business meeting that lasts longer than expected and much more. In short, there is no shortage of reasons, but you need to be very careful, especially when anxiety and stress turn into a real pathology. Fortunately, some remedies exist. And most of these are useful behaviours that we should all make our own.

Among these, the need to eat lunch more calmly , avoiding junk food: better to opt for a light and balanced meal, rich in vitamins and proteins. After all, we are what we eat! The other advice is to avoid stressed people : they will only make our symptoms worse! Green is also important : a walk in the park or in the mountains can help relax your nerves. Those who can't afford it should bring nature into the office. According to a research of the University of Washington, in fact, bringing stressed individuals in a room full of plants can be observed a decrease in cortisol levels.

Limit technology use and get some helpGetting

your head out of your smartphone and taking your eyes off the PC screen are two key actions.

Technology has the power to make things easier, but using it more than it should can make our condition worse. Researchers at the University of Gothenburg found that using these devices can cause sleep problems and worsen the risk of depression. Fortunately, nature and diet can help us out too. For example, filling up on potassium helps regulate blood pressure, which tends to rise during times of stress.

That's not all.CBD oil , thanks to its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antidepressant, antipsychotic properties, can also treat a wide range of disorders including anxiety and stress. CBD oil has a high content of cannabinoids and terpenes and affects some of the chemical receptors in the brain, including glycine receptors, which regulate the production of hormones such as serotonin, the so-called "feel-good hormone".

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